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Short Coat

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Short Coat

Two layers of short hair make this coat type very dense. Short coats are easy to maintain which keeps grooming costs low, and low maintenance means more time to play.

Although matts and tangles aren’t a problem, your short coat pet will shed as much as longer haired breeds but with the correct tools you can help keep your home less hairy.

Short coats hold more water and scent. This makes them harder to dry and can result in a smelly coat.

If your Furrish Friend’s short coast sheds, use our Deshedding tool to remove as much loose hair as possible before washing.

All our Furrish shampoos will be suitable for short coats but our top choice for a good thorough scrub would be Furrish Deep Clean Shampoo.

Give your dog an extra scrub with our silicone bath massager. The long bristles are great for getting a deep down clean and removing all those loose hairs.

Finish your home groom with a spritz of your favourite cologne.

FYDI (For your dog’s information) - These pups are susceptible to dirty ears. Furrish Ear Wipes will help keep their ears clean, healthy, and wax-free.

7 July 2020
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