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Curly & Wavy Coats

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Curly & Wavy Coats

Keep your Furrish friend big, bold and beautiful! These curly coated pups need proper care to keep their coats soft and tangle-free. Although shedding won’t be so much of a problem regularly grooming is recommended so get into the habit of daily brushing. Using the correct detangling tools will ensure their curly coat remains tangle-free.

Protect those precious curls with the Furrish Detangling Spray which will loosen up those knots then follow with our Detangling Comb to break those matts without damaging the hair.

Depending on the size of your dog choose from a Small, Medium, or Large Firm Slicker for that slightly thicker coat.

Embrace those curls and keep them bouncing by following with a shampoo that suits your dog’s coat best.

Curly coats tend to hold water and odour, if you find this an issue use Furrish Deep Clean Shampoo to leave your pooch fresh and clean.

Our fantastic Baby Powder Shampoo has the familiar and fresh baby powder scent and will leave those curls so soft and shiny they will be hard to resist!

For your white and light coated breeds keep them bright with our White Wonder Shampoo. Perfect for Poodles and Bichon Frise.

Finish your home groom with a spritz of your favourite cologne.

FYDI: Some curly coated breeds with long ears are susceptible to ear problems. Furrish Ear Wipes will help keep their ears clean, healthy and wax-free.


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10 August 2020
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