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Bathtime is the perfect opportunity to bond with your Furrish Friend and we want to make this time fun for you both. Learn how to wash your dog safely with products specially formulated for their needs. Follow our step by step guide to ensure safe and successful bathtimes.

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  • How to Bath A Dog

    Giving your dog a bath for the first time can be daunting but it’s a great bonding experience and important to help avoid infections and reduce skin irritations as well as leaving your pup clean and smelling fresh.

  • Cleaning Your Dog's Ears and Eyes

    Most dog owners will agree that our canine friends are doggone adorable! They have the power to melt our hearts with just a look from their big bright eyes but let’s be realistic, dog’s get their faces into everything!

  • Clipping Your Dog's Nails

    Long nails can be uncomfortable for your pup, may make walking awkward and can lead to infections. Some owners worry about cutting their dog’s nails at home because they are concerned about cutting into the quick (the blood supply that runs along the middle of the claw).



Keep your Furrish Friend free from mats and tangles, and their shedding under control with regular brushing. Whether your precious pup requires occasional or regular grooming, Furrish will help keep them preened to perfection and always cuddle ready.

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We all know a healthy dog is a happy dog. From dental care to pet proofing your home, here is a comprehensive guide to keeping your Furrish Friend healthy inside and out.

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  • Pet Proof Your Home

    Before you welcome your dog into his new home it is important to make sure your house is puppy proof. This is not their natural habitat but with a few pet-proofing tips you can make this new environment safefor them.

  • Dehydration

    Like dehydration in humans when your dog is dehydrated blood flow and volume are reduced. This means that vital organs and tissues do not receive enough oxygen which they need to function correctly

  • Toxic Food for Dogs

    When you welcome a dog into your home, they very quickly become included in your family’s every day routine. It can be hard to resist those ‘puppy dog eyes’ but when it comes to sharing = meals with your furry friend there are some everyday foods that can be dangerous or fatal for your pup!


For Your Dog

  • Development

    You have chosen your new puppy or dog, you know when he is arriving and the excitement is building every day. But don’t forget the essentials to make life easier for you and to make sure the new arrival is happy and comfortable in his new home.

  • Key Milestones

    During the first days and months at home with your new dog, some things will come very naturally, others may not. To help you get off to a good start, we have put together this quick guide to make sure you know what to expect, and when.

  • Feeding Your Puppy

    Feeding your puppy is about much more than just keeping hunger at bay. The food you give him will influence how strong, healthy and happy he becomes as an adult dog.

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