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When developing Furrish, we wanted to create a product range with everything you need for home grooming while nurturing a community of pet parents and share with them the dos and don’ts for creating the perfect at home groom.

We love dogs as much as you do but from personal experience, we know it can be very overwhelming when trying to choose the right products for your dog. We are committed to making that as easy a choice as possible. Different coats have different needs, so we have created a colour-coded key to help you select the right products to create the perfect finish to every groom at home.

The real inspiration behind Furrish. Dogs with different coat types and very different personalities!



Hi, I’m Doris, I’m a busy ball of playful energy! In fact, I am responsible for the fun factor here at Furrish - I definitely keep my human on her toes.

Baby Powder scented products are my favourite, they make humans so soft and fuzzy and I’m always getting told how good I smell.

For me, bathtime isn’t just about getting clean. It’s also about getting a massage to help me wind down after an action-packed day.

Doris' favourite product


Furrish Silicone Scrubber

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I am delighted to be the face of Furrish, but don’t be fooled by my youthful looks,

I am actually nine years old but still very much young at heart. Unlike my Furrish friends, my hobbies include a lot of time outdoors, running through rushes and bushes.

My human has to give me an extra scrub (with a strongly scented shampoo) during bathtime to get rid of whatever they might find.

Jet's favourite product

Furrish Deep Clean

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I’m all about that pug life. Little in size but big in attitude- never wake me up from a nap and please keep the hoover away from me (I can’t promise that I won’t try and attack it!)
I think I was the Fur-spiration behind the Furrish de-shedding tools as although my coat is short my human is always complaining about my shedding, but hey - Home is where my hair is stuck to everything!

Ocean's favourite product

Furrish Deshedding Tool

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Hi, I’m Peaches, I liked to be preened to Perfection, and I think I’m the real Princess of the group. You can find me wrapped up in bed, waiting for some cuddles.

I love being clean and smelling dreamy. My human uses special shampoo to keep my coat nice and bright, and always finishes off my grooming with a spritz of cologne

The only thing better than smelling good, is being told you smell good!

Peaches's favourite product

Furrish Ariel Cologne

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Our shampoos and colognes are made in the UK.

They contain no alcohol which means more moisture to help nourish dry and damaged coats. This moisture will strengthen your dog’s coat and keep it plump.

Our non-irritating shampoos are free from SLES, Silicones and Parabens meaning our ingredients will not dry out the coat or give your dog a dry or flaking scalp.

Our products contain gentle cleansers which deep clean while maintaining the coat’s natural oils.

Our shampoo and detangler contains natural wheat to help prevent breakages and maintain natural structure of coat, increase elasticity and shine.

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