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How to Bath A Dog

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How to Bath A Dog

Giving your dog a bath for the first time can be daunting but it’s a great bonding experience and important to help avoid infections and reduce skin irritations as well as leaving your pup clean and smelling fresh.


A bath/baby bath/sink – depending on your dog’s size and what you have available. If you are using a bath or sink place some wire wool over the plug hole to catch any hair. You can also place a towel below the dog top stop them slipping during washing.

Cotton wool balls – If you dog will let you, pop these into your dog’s ears to stop water getting in the ear canal.

Shampoo/ conditioner – Remember dog’s skin has a different pH to human skin so it is important to select dog specific products and ones that will suit your dog’s skin and coat type. Check out our recommendations for your pup.

Brush - for before and after bathing.

2/3 towels – one ‘shake towel’ to stop you and the room getting and unwanted shower and one to actually dry your pup.

Positive Attitude and Praise – If you keep your mood upbeat and praise your pup this will be a positive experience for you both.


* Make sure dog is comfortable and calm.

  1. Stock your station – Unless enjoy being chased round the house by a wet pup make sure you have everything you need to hand before you start. Don’t forget to open your shampoo and conditioner bottles!
  2. Brush out knots and tangles – don’t let these get wet as they will be impossible to remove – then place cotton wool in your pups ears.
  3. Fill bath – Not to hot (or cold) and don’t fill past your dog’s knees. If the sound of the bath filling makes your dog nervous you can do this before bringing him into the room.
  4. Time to Splash - Soak your pup (a hose or detachable shower head is great for this) then lather with shampoo right down to their skin, starting at their head and working down will stop any pesky ticks or fleas from running up into their ears.
  5. Rinse thoroughly - Once your dog is suitable sudsed, drain out dirty water, rinse, and then rinse some more!
  6. Condition and – Apply conditioner if required and rinse.
  7. Towel dry thoroughly – throw a towel over your pup to avoid getting soaked and use your other towel to dry his face. To avoid matts and tangles press towel don’t rub.
    You may wish to use a hair dryer on your pup but be careful! Only use on a low heat, hold the dryer a couple of inches from fur and keep it moving!
    Top Tip - Microfiber towels are super absorbent, or you can also use fast dry spray to reduce drying time.
  8. Spirtz with cologne – Once dry you can spritz your dog with cologne or spray your brush and brush through the coat for long lasting scent.

So that’s it, simple right? By the end you could be wetter than your dog, and the bathroom around you may be left in shambles, but we hope you’ve had fun!



How to bath a dog infographic


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31 July 2020
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