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Cleaning Your Dog's Ears and Eyes

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Cleaning Your Dog's Ears and Eyes

Most dog owners will agree that our canine friends are doggone adorable! They have the power to melt our hearts with just a look from their big bright eyes but let’s be realistic, dog’s get their faces into everything!

The best time to clean your dog’s face is at bath time but there are many times your messy pup will need a quick touch up!


It might be necessary to remove dirt and gunk that forms around your dogs eyes. To do this moisten a cotton wool ball with water only and gently wipe the eye area to remove dirt. You can use an eye specific cleaning solution on cotton wool to help break down the dirt but never use a soap or shampoo near the eyes.

If you use a targeted solution, this method should also remove tear stain (dark staining under your dog’s eyes which occur when bacteria in the hair reacts with over production of tears) but if this become a long term problem, we’d recommend visiting your vet.


We have tried to make ear cleaning as easy as possible.  Our easy to use ear wipes are soft and gentle and will keep your Furrish Friend’s ears squeaky clean by wiping away daily dirt, odour and wax. Without regularly cleaning your pup’s ears could fill with wax and oils and this risks ear infection and damage to his hearing. To clean your dog’s ears grab some cotton wools balls, tweezers and specialised ear cleanser.

Remember if your pup’s ears are red or inflamed or they are itching take them to the vet as they may have an infection or ear mites.

Furrish Ear Wipes



  1. Use your tweezers to remove any hair from the ear canal.
  2. Following the directions on your ear cleanser, lift the ear flap upright and fill canal with cleaning solution and massage for around 20 seconds.
  3. Release the ear and cover to avoid solution flying everywhere if your pup shakes his head.
  4. Use your cotton wool ball to gently wipe the visible part of your dog’s ear canal
  5. Remember to reward your pup with treats and praise.
  6. Repeat for the other ear.


Cleaning your dogs ears and eyes infographic


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31 July 2020
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