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Puppy Coats

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Puppy Coats

When you have a new puppy it is easy to get overwhelmed with the number of products on offer. Keep it simple and remember your puppy’s skin is delicate. Using the correct products will cleanse the coat without stripping it of its natural oils. Remember a dog’s skin is less acidic than human’s so human products are not suitable.

Once your pup has reached 8 weeks old it is safe to introduce bath time. It’s important to make this time fun but be prepared for splashing as you bond with your new furry friend.  Before you start, grab all the things you need including some extra towels to save you from an unwanted shower and a wet floor.

Keep your puppy calm by talking to them as you gently brush and remove any little knots they may have in their coat. Our Ball Pin Slicker is perfect for their delicate skin due to the rubber balls pins. Remember lots of praise will make this a wonderful bonding moment for you and your pet.

Just like a baby’s skin you need a shampoo with a delicate scent. Pretty Pup has a subtle cucumber scent which gently cleanses and nourishes their coat without removing any natural oils.


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10 August 2020
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