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Preparing for your New Arrival

You have chosen your new puppy or dog, you know when he is arriving and the excitement is building every day. But don’t forget the essentials to make life easier for you and to make sure the new arrival is happy and comfortable in his new home.

Food and water bowls

Unless you want to be replacing your bowls on a regular basis it’s a good idea to go for a ceramic or stainless steel bowl over plastic. Plastic will more than likely end up as a chew toy when your pup is feeling mischievous. A heavier ceramic bowl is also harder for you both to knock over!

ID Tag

An ID Tag will ensure that if your pup does escape and get lost, it's easy for the person who finds him to get in contact with you and get your pet home safe.


You might want to put your dog’s bed in a crate to begin with, which is perfectly ok, as long as he has room to stand up and turn round. Add some soft bedding, whether it’s blankets or a traditional ‘dog bed’ to give him more comfort and heat.Dog don’t like to go to the toilet in their own bed and crate is also a good place for your dog to stay when you have to concentrate on something else.

Collar and lead

You won’t be able to take your new puppy or dog out for walks until they’ve had all the necessary injections so it’s a good idea to spend this time getting them used to wearing their collar and a lead around the house and garden. That way, it won’t be an issue when it’s timefor him to explore the outside world.An adjustable collar is recommended, as it’ll grow with your puppy or dog. When adjusting the buckle make sure you can comfortably put a couple of fingers between the collar and your puppy or dog’s neck. Check the fit on a regular basis, because he will grow quickly, especially when he’s young. If you have a very small dog, like a small terrier or a toy breed you might prefer to use a harness – it makes it easy to protect their delicate neck.


There are so many options out there when it comes to toys for your pup, and it will take some time to figure out what he likes. Try not to overstimulate him with too many toys at the beginning but have a few to keep him occupied in the early days.

Grooming tools

Grooming is more than just the upkeep of his coat and maintaining the heath of his skin. It is also a bonding experience, building trust and love between you and your pup. It will remind him of being with his mother and quickly help him feel at home with you. If you plan to regularly have your dog groomed professionally it’s important to get them off to the best start by introducing some tools and grooming activities at home as soon as possible – puppies learn best from 7-16 weeks old. Building a nice association with brushes, combs and nail trimmers is a simple way to encourage your dog to love grooming.

Veterinary Clinic and Pet Insurance

Once you know your puppy is on the way start doing your research into the veterinary clinics in your area and be ready to register your pup once he arrives. It’s also a good idea to speak to them about pet insurance to see which they recommend, it could save you money in the long run, should your pup ever need treatment.


Just like us your pup will need a carefully balanced diet, packed with high quality ingredients which are key to maintaining healthy skin and coat, keeping eyes bright and keeping energy levels high. When making your choice consider your dog’s age and breed, as well as their level of activity and any health issues you may have been made aware of. Chat with your Vet for advice and recommendations.

Puppy Party

Celebrate your new arrival by organising a Puppy Shower – it’s a bit like a baby shower except your guest of honour gets to attend too. As well as a fun event, this could be a great place to start your pup’s socialisation with other humans, and new canine friends. It is important to make sure your dog doesn’t get too overwhelmed however, so create a resting area for him to get some peace and quiet.

17 August 2020
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